Looking Your Best Forever

 As a woman matures there are several things she can do to look and feel her best forever.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good in certain colors? While other colors make  you look tired. Have you experienced those days when someone asks, “Are you feeling okay?” You think to yourself, “I feel fine! Why are they asking me that?” Most likely, it was the color you were wearing. Color plays a very strong role in how you feel and look in your clothes.

When you wear colors that enhance your personal coloring you look healthier, younger and
vibrant. People remember you instead of what you were wearing. What an exhilarating feeling to have people compliment you all the time.

When you wear a color that does not enhance your personal coloring that is what people remember, you look tired and older. There is a reason why you are most comfortable and gravitate to certain colors. Once you understand the why, you will no longer second guess yourself and buy attire that hangs in the closet never to be worn. You will also find it easy to create new outfits with your existing attire. Each of us has hundreds of colors we can wear, so please do not think you are limited.

You were born with your coloring and it never changes.  Forty to sixty years old is when our coloring lightens up again. However, the undertone of your skin never changes. The human body originates from red so everyone has red in their skin undertone. The degree of red undertone depends on the individual’s coloring. You were born with either yellow or blue mixed with that red undertone.

The human body was put together so the skin undertone harmonizes with the eye color, pattern and your natural hair color. Think about what happens as we age. The skin lightens, the eyes fade in color and the hair turns gray. Notice how the skin, eyes and hair all lighten at the same time. It is so we look nice as we mature.

Since the undertone never changes you look your best in your colors from birth to death. You instinctively feel better when wearing your colors. When you love what you are wearing you never ask someone how you look. It is when you are unsure of a color that you ask someone, “How does this look?” Hint, if you have to ask, it is not your color. If you have never gone through a personal color consultation with a Fashion Academy certified consultant do so. You also receive your personal color palette which has all your thousands of colors for clothes, jewelry, shoes, hosiery, makeup.

Make- Up: Wearing your best colors in your make up will help you look younger. Also, tips like no frosts, less is better makes a huge difference as we age.

Hairstyle: A woman should update her hairstyle every 3 years to give her a current look. Color also plays a big role as you mature. If you color your hair make sure you are having it properly colored specific to your personal coloring – if you are a warm or a cool. The wrong hair color totally ages us. See Dawn Waldrop’s You Tube video What is my best hair color?

Wrong                Right

Wearing the styles that compliment your body frame and height can make you look stylish or frumpy. Learn what your body type is: high hip or tapered hip and then what styles best compliment you. Very important no matter any weight gain that you still wear the styles that best compliment your body frame so you look and feel your best. In a body type/style consultation you will also learn what your best features are – this is very empowering for a woman.

You express who you are through your textures and patterns. Are you a Natural, Classic, Romantic or Dramatic?  No matter our personality most women shift to wearing classic patterns and styles as they age creating an elegant look. Your choice of material is especially important if you are going through the hot flash period of your life. Wear sleeveless with a lightweight material jacket. Choose materials that breath and compliment your body frame.

As we women mature and go through all our hormone changes we can look and feel our best through our best colors, styles and personality choices!



Crossing the Line: Casual at Work

Most companies just want to maintain a professional and comfortable work environment for their employees. Some traditional offices still dress business formal every day and there are some startups who wouldn’t care if their employees came to work in their pajamas and slippers.

How far is too far when it comes to the business casual dress code for the office. Which really isn’t business casual because they have eliminated the word “business” and only dress casual. Pajamas, slippers, flip flops, etc… yes that is crossing the line.

Some people say If people would just exercise some common sense, there wouldn’t be problems. I disagree. Learning how to dress appropriately is a learned skill and it must be taught. I see this time and time again working with the younger generations. They want to know what to do but no one is showing them how or sharing the benefits for them! Besides not every one has common sense.

So here are some helpful tips if the office you work in is casual. This is NOT business casual this is for a casual office.   Business casual is wearing nice pants with nice shirt/blouse with nice shoes. So for the casual environment.

WEAR CLEAN  NICE JEANS if jeans are allowed choose a pair of quality dark jeans. Only wear these jeans to work and not on the weekends.

AVOID SWEATS & WORKOUT CLOTHES. Please, please, please no yoga pants, exercise outfits, sweats tops or bottoms. Those clothes are meant for work out sessions.

LEAVE THE FLIP FLOPS AT HOME. Just as workout clothes are for workouts flip flops are meant for the beach. Same goes for sandals they are a summer shoe meant for weekend gatherings or events.

NO REVEALING CLOTHES because too much skin is distracting and robs a woman of respect. The one thing she works so hard for. So no sleeveless, spaghetti straps, no belly showing, no behind showing when you bend over due to pants fitting inappropriately.

DON’T IGNORE GROOMING. Casual dress doesn’t mean casual grooming. It’s not your day off, so shave, shampoo, style hair, deodorant, teeth brushed, & put on natural looking make up.

REMEMBER YOU ARE AT WORK you still need to create a professional impression. You will not only look nicer you will feel better and your career will benefit as well.



Dress Code Discussions

Company dress codes are a never-ending discussion in the work arena.

Discussion # 1: Employees misinterpret the dress code or they don’t abide by it. This is due to most dress codes stating what not to do instead of what to do. Companies who provide professional image training and then present the dress code have a higher success rate of employees abiding because now they know why it is important and how they can present a professional image specifically for them.

Discussion # 2: Companies have a code in place but don’t enforce it. Unfortunately this is the majority of companies.

Discussion # 3: Companies don’t have a dress code but they still reprimand employees for wearing certain attire.

Discussion # 4: There’s constant objection from certain industries along the lines of, “Why do I have to look nice at work if I don’t see anybody?”

We get energies from our clothes. IF dressed too casual we act too casual. Also, if one is looking for a promotion it does matter.  CareerBuilder.com survey, 41 percent of employers said that people who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in their organization.


Tips to Buying a Man’s Suit

Here are some tips to buying a man’s suit. IT is important to become educated since so many men’s stores don’t have an educated sales person to help you buy the perfect suit. After all your suits are an investment in You!!

The most important thing when choosing s suit is the fabric. Guys choose wool.  The higher the number the finer and more expensive the fabric. Best to choose a wool made from 100 or 120 wool.

STYLE                                                                                                                               There are three common styles. American (standard cut). It is a good choice for most regular body types. For the tall slender man the European cut suit is an excellent choice.The Athletic cut for the guy who works out.

Single breasted -meaning that there is no overlapping of the suit’s sides. Weather you choose a one, two, three, or four button jacket is a personal choice. How many buttons depends on your body type and height. Regardless of what you choose always leave the lowest button open!

Double breasted suits are for the small boned man who is six feet or taller. Don’t let a clerk tell you every man can wear a double breasted suit – not true!!

TAILORING                                                                                                                        Finally, any suit will need alteration to ensure a perfect fit on your shoulders, sleeves, and your trouser length.Tailoring is very important especially since we are born with one arm/leg longer than the other.



Helping Employees Project Right Image

A positive image can result in new business and referrals as well as help a company maintain existing business. The visual package is a reflection of the individual and the type of service provided. As owners, managers, directors or adminsitrators, and human resource professionals you deal with employess who are not representing the image of your organization.

It is important for today’s leaders to understand that the majority of people fail to project their best professional image. WHY? There are no courses in our educational systems. Image is a learned skill and must be taught. That is why successful companies are hiring skilled image consultants who are also speakers or trainers to bring this education to their staff. This way employees are not let go or criticized because they failed to reach goals they were never trained for.

Too often when management is trying to communicate to an employee why he or she should present a professional image they say things like: “You can’t wear that, it’s not professional…” “That outfit is inappropriate, don’t wear it again…”"You are not representing the image of the company…”

Employees don’t usually listen to statements like these. They come up with excuses why they can’t dress professional: time, money, can’t find clothes to fit, …

There is a solution for each person and each employee needs to understand the HOW and the WHY. When I walk in the door to train the audience is my program! WHY? Because it is different for each person sitting there. This is how my programs are tailored not only to the organization’s image goals but also the individuals. Providing solutions for everyone! Once they know the how and why NOW they can go out and make the necessary changes to improve their image. The company see results and the employees feel good about themselves!