Looking Your Best Forever

 As a woman matures there are several things she can do to look and feel her best forever.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good in certain colors? While other colors make  you look tired. Have you experienced those days when someone asks, “Are you feeling okay?” You think to yourself, “I feel fine! Why are they asking me that?” Most likely, it was the color you were wearing. Color plays a very strong role in how you feel and look in your clothes.

When you wear colors that enhance your personal coloring you look healthier, younger and
vibrant. People remember you instead of what you were wearing. What an exhilarating feeling to have people compliment you all the time.

When you wear a color that does not enhance your personal coloring that is what people remember, you look tired and older. There is a reason why you are most comfortable and gravitate to certain colors. Once you understand the why, you will no longer second guess yourself and buy attire that hangs in the closet never to be worn. You will also find it easy to create new outfits with your existing attire. Each of us has hundreds of colors we can wear, so please do not think you are limited.

You were born with your coloring and it never changes.  Forty to sixty years old is when our coloring lightens up again. However, the undertone of your skin never changes. The human body originates from red so everyone has red in their skin undertone. The degree of red undertone depends on the individual’s coloring. You were born with either yellow or blue mixed with that red undertone.

The human body was put together so the skin undertone harmonizes with the eye color, pattern and your natural hair color. Think about what happens as we age. The skin lightens, the eyes fade in color and the hair turns gray. Notice how the skin, eyes and hair all lighten at the same time. It is so we look nice as we mature.

Since the undertone never changes you look your best in your colors from birth to death. You instinctively feel better when wearing your colors. When you love what you are wearing you never ask someone how you look. It is when you are unsure of a color that you ask someone, “How does this look?” Hint, if you have to ask, it is not your color. If you have never gone through a personal color consultation with a Fashion Academy certified consultant do so. You also receive your personal color palette which has all your thousands of colors for clothes, jewelry, shoes, hosiery, makeup.

Make- Up: Wearing your best colors in your make up will help you look younger. Also, tips like no frosts, less is better makes a huge difference as we age.

Hairstyle: A woman should update her hairstyle every 3 years to give her a current look. Color also plays a big role as you mature. If you color your hair make sure you are having it properly colored specific to your personal coloring – if you are a warm or a cool. The wrong hair color totally ages us. See Dawn Waldrop’s You Tube video What is my best hair color?

Wrong                Right

Wearing the styles that compliment your body frame and height can make you look stylish or frumpy. Learn what your body type is: high hip or tapered hip and then what styles best compliment you. Very important no matter any weight gain that you still wear the styles that best compliment your body frame so you look and feel your best. In a body type/style consultation you will also learn what your best features are – this is very empowering for a woman.

You express who you are through your textures and patterns. Are you a Natural, Classic, Romantic or Dramatic?  No matter our personality most women shift to wearing classic patterns and styles as they age creating an elegant look. Your choice of material is especially important if you are going through the hot flash period of your life. Wear sleeveless with a lightweight material jacket. Choose materials that breath and compliment your body frame.

As we women mature and go through all our hormone changes we can look and feel our best through our best colors, styles and personality choices!